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A Rose For Emily Theme Analysis Essay Example For Students

A Rose For Emily: Theme Analysis Essay In A Rose for Emily, William Faulkner utilizes a subject normal to a considerable lot of his works. The changing of qualities and perspectives in southern culture. Miss Emily was naturally introduced to a family, the Griersons, that were exceptionally settled in the network. She was supposed to be the last Greirson in this southern network. The family was not, at this point rich, yet kept on being held in high regard after her dad kicked the bucket. The main material thing her dad left her was the family home. Miss Emily was left a beggar by her dads demise. Be that as it may, the most significant thing left her was the Grierson name and all that it spoke to in that town. The Grierson name passed on such regard on Miss Emily, that she was practically unapproachable by anything aside from her very own deplorable conditions. She got away from the outcomes of destitution essentially by being what her identity was. She was so secure in her own character that she looked down and vanquished the city experts on the issue of making good on charges, alluding them to a man who had been dead ten years as the individual who knew about her circumstance. To abstain from being poor Emily after her sweetheart evidently would not wed, she assumed control over issues buying Arsenic. She offered no clarification for its utilization despite the fact that the pharmacist disclosed to her that the clarification was legally necessary. At the point when an unendurable odor radiated from her property, the men sprinkled lime around the property to contain the smell yet approached no inquiries keeping in mind Miss Emily. The individuals of the town realized that there was one room in that locale over the steps that most probable held a shocking mystery. Keeping in mind what her identity was or who she had been, the mystery was permitted to be covered up until she was conventionally in the ground.. Stipends were made for Miss Emily that were not made for standard individuals. Just a network of Colonel Sartoris age and thought would have permitted Miss Emily the priviledges she had in this story.

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E-Commerce Management and

Question: Examine about the E-business Fundamentals and Systems. Answer: Presentation Utilizing Web, intranet, web, extranets or a few blends of some other contemporary instruments for directing business is alluded as the procedure of electronic business (E-business). The term e-business has been alluded like the idea of web based business yet one of the greatest distinction is that e-business goes past the straightforward procedure of purchasing and selling of items and administrations through online medium. E-business is a much wide idea and incorporates the quantity of viewpoints, ideas and business procedures, for example, gracefully chain the executives, client relationship the board and electronic request handling (Aboelmaged, Mohamed 2015, 606-631). These are a portion of the strategic approaches that are required to be executed by the business companies with more noteworthy proficiency and viability. What's more, e-business helps the business substances in the execution of the procedures in a progressively compelling way. E-business is a more extensive idea an d envelops the changed scope of different terms, for example, e-following and web based business. As the business partnerships are more into digitalization and modernization the ideas, for example, undertaking asset arranging (ERP), client relationship the executives (CRM) have picked up the extraordinary degree of centrality. The beneath report has been executed on the idea of e-business innovations and effect of the equivalent on the contemporary authoritative business. Further, the report likewise involves the arrangements accommodated the providers for the dangers and the dangers related with these innovations. Changes in present day authoritative business activities because of e-advances The Internet has been considered as one of the best and huge component and is additionally probably the greatest development of e-advances (Ameur, Esma, Umar and Michael 2017). The Internet has changed the way does the business and the business partnerships can exploit the innovation for its own advantages. E-business has been considered as the way toward executing business activities and practices by methods for web and online methods and the e-advances are the devices e-instruments or the medium used for the working industry. The procedure of e-business includes different practices, for example, trading information or data, putting in and taking requests, inward correspondence (connecting with the staff individuals) and so forth. The e-business advancements are held at risk for animating the authoritative activities in positive and negative terms. The beneath introduced are a portion of the positive effects that will be seen in the hierarchical tasks of a business element: A feeling of correspondence is created: Working on reasonable and equivalent terms has been considered as perhaps the greatest factor for progress and development of a person inside a business substance (Bak, Ozlem 2018). Furthermore, if there should arise an occurrence of e-business innovations, the activities are executed on the web. This will produce a feeling of uniformity as the authority collaborating with the staff will realize the presentation level of the concerned individual and the staff will be decided on a similar premise. Subsequently, feeling of equity will be created and the representatives will be roused and the inspired staff will endeavor to work more enthusiastically consequently expanding productivity and viability of the conveyance procedure (Benyoucef, Morad, Michael, and Hafedh 2015). Also, this shows the hierarchical activities will be decidedly affected. Improved nature of client administrations: E-advancements give the business elements the quantity of instruments and components in order to bring cost adequacy in the business activities. For example, the e-innovative devices will help the substance by setting aside cash in the tasks related with client administrations. By utilizing on the web applications and frameworks, for example, distributed computing the business substance can straightforwardly store the records and required subtleties on the PC frameworks and can gain admittance to the equivalent whenever they need. There will be no need of making a trip over and over to the customer. The voyaging costs and endeavors will be limited and furthermore the put away information will be exact and will give better and improved results (Bradley, Stephen, Stuar, and Changsu 2016). In this manner this will upgrade the nature of the authoritative activities. Advertising: Internet is again probably the best medium through which the business substance can execute exchanges and work the business on a more extensive level at once. For example, by utilizing web the association is required to create and structure an online gateway and through which they can make the accessibility of the items to a great extent for the clients (Chaffey, Dave 2015). The Internet has been considered as one of the biggest stage through which the business firm can make the accessibility of the items and administrations in a deliberate way and that too without any difficulty. Operational proficiency and viability in the conveyance of items and administrations will be watched and a more noteworthy degree of fulfillment to a client will be conveyed. Digitalization of request section exchanges: Placing and taking requests and keeping up records and required basic information has been considered as one of the significant errand or business activity for any of the business association (Chang and Barun, Dasgupta 2015, 26-36). By utilizing any of the contemporary component or web based frameworks the business substance can get a climb the viability and sufficiency of the business tasks. What's more, accordingly this innovative up-degree has been considered as one of the best positive change that will be knowledgeable about the hierarchical tasks of the business association. E-advances encourages vital intuition: One of the greatest bit of leeway that will be accomplished by the reception of e-advances in the hierarchical structure is that the business element will encounter a lift in the capacity of upgrading the organizations upper hand in the market district by streamlining vital reasoning and move of information and information (De, Hans, and Ernst 2018). Recovering and utilizing interpersonal organizations and furthermore the membership data bases has empowered the business elements with the capacity to decipher amassing and moving the information in the best way. This likewise offers the business associations with an unmatched access to the clients and potential purchasers and along these lines empowering the firm in conveying progressed and created items and administrations. Also, accordingly the e-advancements furnish the business element with components and apparatuses for assessing the market and for actualizing the procedures required for achi eving serious edge (Gollenia, Lars 2016). And all these can likewise be considered as other positive changes that will be experienced by the business element in the hierarchical tasks. Cost cutting and disposal of waste: The e-advancements appears to be expensive at the underlying stages when initially actualized however further it turns out to be a lot of financially savvy by rebuilding a companys operational and administrative procedures. Appropriation of internet instructional meetings and projects is probably the best case of e-advancements through which the cost-slicing, all things considered, is put forth conceivable and furthermore the attempts started will be less (Hasani, Tahereh, Jamil, and Ali 2017, 655,675). This will spare vitality of the people for different undertakings and consequently empower them to contribute towards acquiring an expansion efficiency. Beating dangers and dangers related with e-advancements Dangers and hazard to e-advancements are an ordinary reality for the greater part of the business organizations. These dangers and dangers are tricky circumstances that are required to be dealt with proficiently by the innovation providers (Kadry, Seifedine, and Abdelkhalak 2017). The beneath introduced are the pragmatic ramifications that are required to be followed by the innovation providers for handling and managing the related dangers and dangers: Making sure about PC and different remote frameworks Utilization of hostile to spyware, against infection and firewalls for securing the frameworks Ordinary and auspicious up-degree of programming frameworks Making information back-ups Keeping up and making sure about passwords Preparing to the concerned staff ought to be given (Monfort, Valrie and Karl-Heinz Krempels, 2015). Causing them to comprehend the lawful standards and guidelines There are increasingly explicit anticipations that can be embraced by the providers of e-innovation and the equivalent is introduced underneath: Building up a safe online nearness: The online nearness of a business substance has been considered as one of the supporting column in progress and development. Furthermore, consequently is one of the basic tasks for any of the firm. Online nearness is the brand value of an endeavor in the advanced world and subsequently is required to be made sure about and kept from dangers and dangers (Tsuma, Victor, and Mark 2017, 164-176). Under this framework, the business substance is required to survey the security of the electronic entrances, sites, email accounts, online put away information and web based financial records. There is the quantity of frameworks and applications that can be received by the innovation providers for forestalling the online nearness of the venture. For example, secure attachment layer (SSL), is one of the advances that can be introduced for scrambling value-based information and for sending client and card subtleties to the bank that is the getting expert for approval. Additionally, it ought to lik ewise be guaranteed that any web-facilitating arrangement considered ought to be fit for supporting the SSL convention. Enlistment projects and IT preparing for staff: Providing instructional courses to the new staff in regards to the It arrangements, methodology and guidelines that are sought after inside the business association and this activity has been considered as one of the critical strides of the hazard the executives systems (Turban et al. 2015). These sorts of preparing sessi

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Utilizing Research in Writing Resume Essays

Utilizing Research in Writing Resume EssaysOne of the most important skills that a nursing student must learn is the ability to research and develop persuasive nursing essay topics. Nursing students are presented with an enormous amount of opportunities in order to learn how to use writing to achieve their goals, but the ability to choose the most effective writing projects is key. A nurse should always be prepared to write about any topic that they are presented with during the first year of nursing school.There are many different situations in which nursing students can have difficulty in being successful. When students come into school with a professional goal in mind, however, this becomes easier to overcome. Being able to choose the best research topics for their specific goals will greatly increase their chances of success. A nursing student who knows how to select the right essay topics will be in the best position to earn the best grade on their essays.Understanding the diffe rence between persuasive and informative essay topics is important for all students. Students need to understand how to write engaging and interesting essays that will allow them to persuade their readers in order to help them reach their goals. Writing a persuasive essay is simply different than writing an informational essay.A persuasive essay is simply an essay that does more than explain information. It will directly communicate the subject matter in order to persuade the reader to take certain actions. Using proper research will help the student succeed in persuading the reader into action that will help the student reach their own goals.All of the articles in the nursing student's career should include research in order to have a true educational role in the development of the student. Nursing students need to develop an understanding of what is available in order to become more educated. They also need to have a clear understanding of what is necessary in order to complete th eir academic requirements.As a career, nursing has no direct effect on the overall educational success of a student. However, the average nurse contributes something of value to society and is very well compensated. As a result, nursing students need to recognize the value that they can provide as individuals in the community by setting their sights on becoming successful in their field.Nursing students should learn to make use of their writing skills to promote themselves as a professional in their field. They should make a concerted effort to write quality research articles to gain the respect of their peers. A good deal of nursing students will write and publish articles that are not very effective and simply provide them with the opportunity to get a higher grade on their work.If a student is unable to choose the most effective research essays to write for their goals, they may benefit from the assistance of a professional writing program in order to increase their level of succ ess in the development of their career. There are several quality writing programs available to nursing students today that will help them discover the proper research approach in order to develop persuasive essays. Nursing students who do not utilize the right research methods in their own research may find that their career goals are impeded.

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Advertising and Social Responsibility, Utilitarian Ethical Theory Free Essay Example, 2750 words

According to the Bureau Consumers Protection, all product advertisements in the US must be truthful, not deceptive and fair. Additionally, advertisers are required to have evidence that supports the claims that they make. In this way, the consumers will have confidence while contacting the organizations or while using the products being advertised. According to FTC, deceitful statements are the ones that are likely to mislead the consumers who under normal circumstances act reasonably (MacLean and Joseph, 2007). Unfair advertisements as indicated by the FTC are the ones that are in a position to cause substantial and unavoidable injury. Different states have diversified views on their advertisement for services and products. Their challenge is creating a balance between personal responsibilities on the society and regulating what the citizens are allowed to involve in (O'Guinn et al, 2008). For example, the US has strict regulations on various advertising issues while still entirely prohibits others. For instance, the law only permits cigarette advertisements on specified media that does not include radio and television while alcohol advertisements are permitted in all media. In order to ensure that they act ethically as the advertisers, it is essential for companies to have a good look at the nature of their product line (O'Guinn et al, 2008). We will write a custom essay sample on Advertising and Social Responsibility, Utilitarian Ethical Theory or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now It is vital to note that television advertisements for various types of fast food are entirely legal and appropriate in creating demand. However, in the contemporary medical world, doctors have embarked on portraying the fast foods as major causes of continued obesity globally. Another ethical challenge that is experienced during product advertising is maintaining the values that the society believes in. Organizations and advertisers, in general, have a range of less than ethical but legal avenues that they can use. These include subliminal advertising, emotional appeals, utilizing the less educated persons, use of propaganda among others that ethical advertisers continuously hesitate to use (Mick, 1986).

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How Much Does It Cost to Earn an MBA Degree

When most people consider getting an MBA degree, one of the first things they want to know is how much it is going to cost. The truth is that the price of an MBA degree can vary. Much of the cost is dependent on the MBA program you choose, the availability of scholarships and other types of financial aid, the amount of income you may miss from not working, the cost of housing, commuting costs, and other school-related fees. Average Cost of an MBA Degree Although the cost of an MBA degree can vary, the average tuition for a two-year MBA program exceeds $60,000. If you attend one of the top business schools in the U.S.,  you can expect to pay as much as $100,000 or more in tuition and fees. Average Cost of an Online MBA Degree The price of an online MBA degree is very similar to that of a campus-based degree. Tuition costs range from $7,000 to more than $120,000. Top business schools are typically on the higher end of the scale, but non-ranked schools can also charge exorbitant fees. Advertised Costs vs. Actual Costs It is important to note that the advertised cost of business school tuition may be lower than the amount you are actually required to pay. If you get scholarships, grants, or other types of financial aid, you may be able to cut your MBA degree tuition in half. Your employer may also be willing to pay for all or at least part of your MBA program costs. You should also be aware that tuition costs do not encompass other fees associated with earning an MBA degree. You will need to pay for books, school supplies (such as a laptop and software), and maybe even boarding expenses. These costs can really add up over two years and could leave you deeper in debt than you expected. How to Get an MBA for Less Many schools offer special aid programs for needy students. You can learn about these programs by visiting school websites and contacting individual aid offices. Getting a scholarship, grant, or fellowship can remove much of the financial pressure that comes along with getting an MBA degree. Other alternatives include sites like GreenNote and employer-sponsored tuition programs. If you cant get someone to help you pay for your MBA degree, you can take out student loans to pay for your higher education. This route can leave you in debt for a number of years, but many students consider the payoff of an MBA well worth the resulting student loan payments.

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Themes of Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt vonnegut and Catch 22...

Themes of Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt vonnegut and Catch 22 by Joseph Heller In the books, Slaughter House 5 by Kurt Vonnegut and Catch 22 by Joseph Heller there are many themes that at first don’t appear to be related but once given a closer look have striking similarities. Both books are about one mans experience through World War II, one being a fighter pilot and another being a soldier. Each man is known as an anti-war hero. They do not agree with the war and do not find it appropriate to fight for it. Neither of the two men was the average â€Å"John Wayne† war hero that fights and dies for his country. This is what makes these two books stand out from other war books. Both of these books also were used during the Vietnam War as†¦show more content†¦Billy is a mild-mannered man who would much rather cruise through life turning the other cheek than having a confrontation. He is a tall lanky, goofy character that when captured behind enemy lines didn’t have a helmet, boots or a weapon. He looked so ridiculous that a German photographer took a picture of him to show the Germans how ill prepared the Americans were for war. When Billy enters the POW camp he is portrayed even more as a fool when instead of being given a normal overcoat like the rest of the prisoners he is given a woman’s fur coat. These are not at all what I would consider a war hero and that is exactly what the authors were trying to do. They were trying to question many things about war. One was to question our assumptions not only to the right to wage war but also the people who fight in the war and the leaders that run the war. The authors writing about the characters in this way also paints us a picture that is not often painted. This picture shows that all soldiers aren’t the rugged, handsome, brave and strong men that we all believe but that many soldiers are people like you and me. Most of them kids, that would just be starting college if it weren’t for war. Many of them scared, helpless, and confused as to why they are fighting and killing. These authors question war and its many aspe cts instead of advertise it. A theme that is a little more hidden in each of these books is what war does to people. In Catch 22Show MoreRelatedA Research Assignment : All Quiet On The Western Front And The Sun Also Rises2803 Words   |  12 PagesAnoki Jacksch 12Eng61 16.05.14: Introduction The authors, E.M. Remarque, Eric Lomax, Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller and Ernest Hemingway, who became famous, wrote excellent novels, because they were in love, have an underlying issue or have experienced issues that they want to share with the world. I choose to investigate the following novels: All Quiet on the Western Front, The Railway Man, Slaughterhouse-5, Catch-22 and The Sun Also Rises, because they all thematically connect to the â€Å"horrors of war†Read MorePostmodernism in Literature5514 Words   |  23 Pagesnot previously deemed fit for literature. A list of postmodern authors often varies; the following are some names of authors often so classified, most of them belonging to the generation born in the interwar period: William Burroughs (1914-1997) Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007), John Barth (b. 1930), Donald Barthelme (1931-1989), E. L. Doctorow (b. 1931), Robert Coover (1932), Jerzy Kosinski (1933-1991) Don DeLillo (b. 1936), Thomas Pynchon (b. 1937), Ishmael Reed (1938), Kathy Acker (1947-1997), Paul Auster

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Anne Hutchinson free essay sample

In 1637, women were considered servants of their husbands, and child bearing creatures of many. There were set rules â€Å"enforced by the Puritans† which stated women should only bear as many children as possible, raise them, take care of their husbands, and then remain quiet. They were seen as â€Å"morally feeble creatures†, who could do no more than â€Å"lead men to damnation if [men were to allow them] to form an opinion or express a [belief]. [1] Anne Hutchinson of the Massachusetts Bay Colony challenged the standard ways of women, however, when she was brought forth at the Court at Newton regarding private meetings in her home which involved discussing God and religion. The trial, written as the Document â€Å"The Examination of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson at the Court at Newton† can be viewed as a piece of the emergence of early feminism, and allows readers to acknowledge the place women were given in the Puritan society. Anne Hutchinson, born Anne Marbury in Alford, Lincolnshire, England July, 1591 was born into a family of a very intelligent man, who she grew to admire and look after. Anne was home-schooled, and became very intrigued by religion and theology at a young age. She read her father’s books, and studied religion as much as possible. She grew up to be a very smart, determined, and sophisticated woman. In 1634, Anne, her husband, and her 15 children followed their protestant minister, John Cotton, to the New England Colonies. Anne knew of their soon departure and hoped that she would be able to practice her â€Å"faith in an environment† that favored â€Å"the new ideas of Puritanism† more than England did. She had even higher hopes that the New England colonies would be a place which would allow her to â€Å"worship God as [she] saw fit. † [2] After arriving to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and living there for a while, Anne realized that there really wasn’t such a thing as real â€Å"religious freedom†. She wished to talk about God and her beliefs as she pleased but because of the way women were viewed, especially â€Å"educated English women†, she had no right to do such thing. She stayed quiet for the majority of the time, but couldn’t hold still for long. She organized a Women’s Club in her home where she discussed the scriptures, and her own opinions while praying throughout the meetings. More and more women began to come to here her speak, and eventually men began showing up. Everyone wanted to come into her home and here what she had to say. John Winthrop, the newly appointed governor, soon found out about Hutchinson’s doings and therefore called her to court. The document â€Å"The Examination of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson at the Court at Newton (1637)† is her exact trial. Like Hester Prynne in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlett Letter, Anne Hutchinson was simply a woman who stood strongly for her beliefs. Her trial, I believe, has been made public for later generations to read and be reminded of the difficult times women throughout history have been through, and also the difficult times of people who suffered under tyrants. The document has been produced in order to show that Hutchinson was an early feminist, meaning that she devoted her time to standing up for the equal rights of men and women. [3] Women like Anne Hutchinson, the character of Hester Prynne, Jane Adams, and Susan B. Anthony have worked diligently to add characteristics associated with male roles to female roles. This document proves that men thought women to be ignorant when it came to political and religious aspects. Men were scared that women would overpower them, and take their roles in society, so by belittling them and not allowing them to do hardly anything at all, they felt secure that they would continue to lead society, but when Anne Hutchinson challenged the ideas of male roles, and challenged the idea of doing what she pleased, when she pleased, chaos broke loose in the largest colony in the Puritan society. The document relates to many of the females stated before in that they, too, stood up for what they belied in, and suffered for future women. The document is a reminder for readers, especially women, to value the freedom that they are presented with, and to not take for granted the liberty that we have in today’s American society. In the beginning of the document, it is clear that Anne’s only crime was gathering people into her home to speak of religion and God. Winthrop says, â€Å"†¦you have maintained a meeting and an assembly in your house that hath been condemned by the general assembly as a thing not tolerable nor comely in the sight of God nor fitting for your sex,† [4] which allows the reader to understand right off the bat that Winthrop is accusing her of unrightfully holding meetings in her home simply because it is â€Å"not fitting for her sex†. During this time period, men and women did not have equal rights. The document rightly justifies this accusation by presenting the reader with two gender differing characters in the very beginning of the document; two characters whom do not have the same rights and freedoms, who do not believe the same thing, and who do not see â€Å"eye to eye†. The document continues with an argument between Winthrop and Hutchinson regarding whether or not she committed a â€Å"crime†. Hutchinson believes that the crimes being accused of her are â€Å"a matter of conscience†, and therefore doesn’t think she has done anything wrong. Winthrop quickly lets her know that â€Å"[her] conscience must [be kept to herself], or it must be kept for [her]. [5] Hutchinson, along with other women of the puritan society are expected to take care of the husband and children which has been provided to her, and keep quiet, but Hutchinson believes that she should be allowed to â€Å"entertain† since she has to â€Å"keep her conscience†. [6] Winthrop’s main argument is that she broke the 5th commandment of the bible, which states that one should â€Å"honor thy father and thy mother†. He claims that by breaking the law of â€Å"God and of the state†, Hutchinson is not honoring her father or mother. Hutchinson is giving countenance, or support, to the people in which entered her home, and therefore she is not obeying the 5th commandment, since she is teaching and speaking on our own terms. The reader is able to see now that Winthrop is adding â€Å"crimes† to her list, rather than simply leaving it at â€Å"maintain[ing] a meeting and an assembly [in her home]. † Winthrop tells Hutchinson that she had â€Å"counseled them†, and by that she has â€Å"dishonored the commonwealth†, dishonored the â€Å"authority† to already preach or teach to the community. Winthrop and Hutchinson argue throughout the remainder of the next few pages about how women should stick to supporting men, and nothing else, because there are already higher authorities (men) who set up meetings, and she is dishonoring these men by setting up her own meetings in her own private home. Winthrop begins succeeding at replacing her truthfulness with false claims, and turns everything against her. He orders her to admit to doing wrong, even though she believes otherwise. Hutchinson stands up for women across her colony by sticking to her beliefs. She is very presumptuous and tells the Governor that he â€Å"may stop her from her wrong doings if he has a rule. † The diction that Hutchinson has chose allows the reader to understand that she is â€Å"set in stone† on her beliefs and no matter what, she will not change her mind. She continues to address the governor is a confident manner by telling him that â€Å"[she] will freely let [him] take [her] away†, and force her to stop, because â€Å"[she is] subject to [his] authority†. Hutchinson is like any other very strong feminist; she stays strong to her word and stands p for her beliefs. She lets the people of the court know that she does not agree with the fact that people, mostly women, should not be allowed to form their own opinions about religion, including â€Å"the antichrist†, and whom she believes him to be, and then discuss this freely among people who wish to listen to her speak. [7] Winthrop, along with several other authorities, accuse Hutchinson of saying things that she did not say, and then lightly listen to the few three people who support her, before asking the court to raise their hands if they believe she is in the wrong. When all but three people raised their hands, they decided to banish her from the colony, and imprison her until she is able to be sent away. At the very end of the document, Winthrop lets Anne Hutchinson know what the decision is, and she continues to fight by stating that â€Å"[she] desires to know wherefore [she is] banished. † [8] Winthrop ends the trial by clearing stating that it doesn’t matter. â€Å"The court knows wherefore and is satisfied. † Winthrop and the court wanted to prove their power, and not let Hutchinson over step them, and so they did by banishing her, and not even taking into consideration her wishes. The message being conveyed by the trial was that men were superior and women did not have a say. Men and the authorities of the church and state could change everything around on the women, and force them not to speak, and force them to change their story, just so they could get their way. This particular document relates to the document of John Winthrop, â€Å"A Model of Christian Charity† in that both documents focus a lot of attention of Winthrop, the governor, and his beliefs and insights on religion and Christianity. Winthrop seems to realize that he holds a lot of power in both texts, and states a lot of the laws and orders of the community. Winthrop, in â€Å"A Model of Christian Charity† discusses the idea of the Great Chain of Being, him of which being high on the chain. He states the conditions of mankind, being that â€Å"some must be rich, some poore, some high and eminent in power and dignitie; others mean and submissive. † [9] This is similar to the ideas presented in the trial of Anne Hutchinson because he places Hutchinson at the bottom of the Great Chain of Being and does not allow her any say so what-so-ever. Also, in both texts, Winthrop does most of the speaking and â€Å"preaching†, which proves his placement on the totem pole. However, Winthrop focuses on â€Å"bonds of brotherly love†, and â€Å"noe man [being] made more honourable than another or more wealthy [than another]† [10] in the text of Christian Charity which seems to go against what future he placed upon Anne Hutchinson. How can one man not be made more honorable than another if some men can’t practice what they choose, and some can. Hutchinson wasn’t able to give her own opinion of her religion in her own home like Americans can do today. Freedom is taken for granted so often, and the texts allow readers to understand that Americans need to understand their freedoms and respect that there is no greater chain of being unless you want there to be, meaning you place your God above yourself. Other documents closely relate the trial of Anne Hutchinson in that they discuss the life of Puritans, or the life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the religion based society that they embraced. The Examination of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson at the Court at Newton has sparked much interest for this time period. The document is almost vital in understanding the roles that men and women played in the Puritan society. Many historians believe that Hutchinson was one of the very first feminists because of her strong acts towards her Antinomian beliefs. According to historian Ben Barker-Benfield, â€Å"Anne Hutchinson represented the emergence of dynamic individual consciousness,† not just for women, but for some men as well. [11] During 1637, it was unheard of for a woman to come forth and express her opinion and beliefs and challenge those of a man, or many men, especially regarding religion. Hutchinson changed this idea, however, even though the court did banish her, feeling as if they still held the reign and the strong power, remaining close to the top of the great chain of being. Lyle Koehler, another historian who studies females in the years of the Antinomian turmoil, states that â€Å"That Anne Hutchinson and many other Puritan women should at stressful times rebel, either by explicit statement or by implicit example, against the role they were expected to fulfill in society is readily understandable, since that role, in both old and New England, was extremely limiting. [12] He continues by describing the average English woman as â€Å"weak, submissive, modest and charitable,† â€Å"inferior to her husband,† and expected to â€Å"hold her tongue in church and be careful not ‘to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man†¦ Hutchinson challenged the roles of the average English woman and was therefore â€Å"punished† for her actions. I believe Hutchinson changed the course of history in that she was able to set the standard for future treatment of women, even though women were still not treated equally to men, even in 1918, when they were finally granted the right to vote. She set the way for Antinomian religion and freedom of religion, in general. In today’s American society, any one person can practice any religion as they please, and speak of whatever God they so choose, or hold meetings of whatever kind in their homes as much as they like, whereas in the Puritan society this was forbidden. Hutchinson paved the road that lead to this ability of freedom, even though â€Å"freedom of speech† had been produced long before. Her attitude toward her society and religion are seen by many as â€Å"charismatic,† because of â€Å"her gift of fluent and inspired speech†. 14]We recognize this behavior today as fighting for what you believe in and standing strong against the antagonists.